Freeway-100 UK/US power cable 電源線

SUGDEN AUDIO Power Cable Upgrades
Designed and Handmade in Britain

FREEWAY-100 Power Cable
As with the HIGHWAY-1 each FREEWAY-100 is hand made at the Sugden factory. With a specially designed cable construction, this offers a substantial upgrade over standard power cables and many other specialist cables on the market. The conductors are oxygen free 14 SWG copper and the structure incorporates a shield that is in constant contact with an additional drain wire. This special configuration performs well at rejecting mains interference. The connecting plugs are of a high quality from established manufacturers.

Both the FREEWAY-1 and HIGHWAY-100 undergo a comprehensive test procedure for safety and final inspection certificates are supplied with each cable. The tests carried out include;
Visual Inspection
Fuse Check
Wiring Test

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