Tempest 2 Analogue Interconnect(RCA/XLR)

Tempest 2 Analogue Interconnect
Tempest 2 is a pure silver hybrid interconnect, offering the benefit of pure silver conductors at an affordable level. Two high purity pure silver conductors and one super purity silver-plated copper conductor are arranged in a helical twist geometry with air-spaced PTFE insulation. A carbon-fiber based resonance damper is fitted per channel. A more sophisticated design than our Horizon 2 interconnects, Tempest 2 offers a larger soundstage and a richer, more natural sound.

Tempest 2 interconnects are available with our low metal mass RCA-2 RCA connectors, and also in balanced XLR format with Neutrik XX series silver-plated XLR plugs and optimised cable geometry.

CONDUCTORS: Pure Silver (4N) solid-core &
Silver-plated OFC (7N) solid-core
GAUGE: 2 x 24 AWG (AG) & 1 x 21 AWG (SPC)
INSULATION: PTFE Teflon air-spaced inner,
PVC outer tube
CONSTRUCTION: Helical twist, balanced design


DAMPING: 1 x resonance damper per channel
(Metal & carbon-fiber)
TERMINATIONS: Dynamique RCA-2 low-mass RCA &
Neutrik XX silver XLR

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