Tempest 2 3.5mm Interconnect

Tempest 2 3.5mm Interconnect
Tempest 2 3.5mm cable is an effective and affordable way to upgrade the connection between your DAP and hifi, PC or high quality radio, offering the benefit of pure silver conductors at an affordable level. Two high purity pure silver conductors and two super purity silver-plated copper conductors are insulated in air-spaced PTFE and arranged in a star-quad geometry for effective noise cancellation. Tempest 2 also features our resonance damper technology to further improve sound quality.

Tempest 2 3.5mm is available in either 3.5mm-3.5mm or 3.5mm-2 x RCA formats, terminated with Neutrik 3.5mm and Dynamique RCA-2 low-mass RCA plugs.

CONDUCTORS: Pure Silver (4N) solid-core &
Silver-plated OFC (7N) solid-core
GAUGE: 2 x 24 AWG (AG) & 2 x 24 AWG (SPC)
INSULATION: PTFE Teflon air-spaced
CONSTRUCTION: Star-quad, balanced design
DAMPING: 1 x resonance damper per channel
(Metal & carbon-fiber)
TERMINATIONS: Dynamique RCA-2 low-mass RCA &
Neutrik NYS-231 gold 3.5mm minijack


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