Shadow 2 Tonearm Cable

Shadow 2 Tonearm Cable
Shadow 2 Tonearm cable is a pure silver design that employs the same noise-reducing star-quad cable geometry and dense pure copper shielding as Horizon 2 Tonearm, but with solid-core, pure silver conductors, a low-capacitance air-dielectric and our resonance filter technology. The result is a sweet, grainless sound with excellent resolution.

Terminations include straight & 90 degree 5-pin DIN options and our RCA-2 low-mass RCA connectors.

CONDUCTORS: Pure Silver (4N) solid-core
GAUGE: 4 x 22 AWG
INSULATION: PTFE Teflon, air-spaced
CONSTRUCTION: Star-quad, pseudo-balanced
SHIELDS: 1 x resonance filter, copper braid,
silver OFC flying earth lead
TERMINATIONS: Dynamique RCA-2 low-mass RCA,
PTFE Teflon gold/rhodium 5-pin straight DIN
& 90 degree DIN options

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