Zenith 2 USB Cable

Zenith 2 USB Cable
Zenith 2 USB is our flagship USB cable. Building on the strengths of our popular Shadow 2 USB design, Zenith 2 features more substantial solid silver data conductors and advanced dual non-metallic shields along with our resonance filter technology. These, combined with the physical isolation of the signal and power lines provide excellent immunity to electrical and mechanically induced noise. Zenith 2 USB is ideal for accurate data transmission in high-end computer audio systems.

Terminated as standard with anodised aluminium Type A to Type B connectors with gold-plated inner shell & pins.

CONDUCTORS: Pure Silver (4N) solid-core &
Silver-plated OFC (6N) multistrand
GAUGE: 2 x 20 AWG AG (data)
2 x 18 AWG SPC (power)
INSULATION: Air-spaced PTFE Teflon (data)
FEP Teflon (power)
CONSTRUCTION: Twisted shielded pair
SHIELDS: 1 x Resonance filter,
Independently shielded data & power pairs
with non-metallic braids
Anodised aluminium USB connector shell
TERMINATIONS: Dynamique anodised aluminium USB housing,
gold-plated shell & pins

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