Horizon 2 USB Cable

Horizon 2 USB Cable
Unlike most competing designs, Horizon 2 USB individually shields the data and power conductor pairs with dual aluminium foil layers, with both conductor pairs further shielded with a very high density copper braid. Oversized, high purity copper conductors are insulated with a super low-loss foamed PE dielectric. Horizon 2 USB will provide a sweeter, more open, and more realistic sound.

Terminated as standard with gold-plated Type A to Type B connectors.

CONDUCTORS: High purity OFC copper multistrand
GAUGE: 2 x 24 AWG (data) & 2 x 22 AWG (power)
INSULATION: Foamed Polyethylene
CONSTRUCTION: Twisted shielded pair
SHIELDS: Independently shielded data &
power pairs with dual aluminium-foil &
outer copper braid layers
TERMINATIONS: Type A & B, gold-plated shell & pins

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