Horizon 2 Digital Mini Interconnect

Horizon 2 Digital Mini Interconnect
Horizon 2 Digital mini was designed to cater for the growing number of high-quality miniature/portable DACs and DAPs that feature this connection. It features the same large silver-plated copper conductors, low-loss foamed polyethylene insulation, and dense dual aluminium foil and copper braid shield layers as our regular Horizon 2 Digital cable. Horizon 2 Digital Mini will let you extract the best from your portable set-up.

Available with in RCA to minijack and minijack to minijack termination options.

CONDUCTORS: Silver-plated OFC (6N) solid-core
GAUGE: 1 x 19 AWG
INSULATION: Foamed Polyethylene
SHIELDS: Dual Al-foil screens & silver OFC braid
TERMINATIONS: Dynamique RCA-2 low-mass RCA,
Neutrik NYS226L 3.5mm mono minijack

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