Horizon 2 Digital Interconnect

Horizon 2 Digital Interconnect
Although Horizon 2 is our entry-level digital cable, it features advanced materials in its construction - large silver-plated copper conductors, super low-loss insulations such as PTFE Teflon and foamed polyethylene and dense and effective shield layers. Horizon 2 digital enhances audio & AV connections with a more open, detailed sound, and clearer vocal reproduction. Video connections benefit from more vivid colour and improved definition.

Available in balanced XLR format with Neutrik XX series silver-plated XLR plugs and optimised cable geometry.

CONDUCTORS: Silver-plated OFC (6N) solid-core
GAUGE: 1 x 19 AWG (RCA), 3 x 18 AWG (XLR)
INSULATION: Foamed Polyethylene (RCA/BNC)
PTFE Teflon, air-spaced (XLR)
CONSTRUCTION: 75 ohm (RCA/BNC), 110 ohm (XLR)
SHIELDS: Dual Al-foil screens & silver OFC braid (RCA/BNC)
OFC braid (XLR)
TERMINATIONS: Dynamique RCA-2 low-mass RCA,
Neutrik XX silver XLR, 24k gold/PTFE Teflon BNC


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