Hi-way 1 UK/US power cable

SUGDEN AUDIO Power Cable Upgrades
Designed and Handmade in Britain

HIGHWAY-1 Power Cable
The HIGHWAY-1 is designed to outperform mass produced mains cables that are normally supplied boxed together with audio equipment. Each cable is handmade by a highly skilled technician with over thirty years experience in electronics assembly at the Sugden factory. Good quality components are used throughout the construction with a careful understanding of good value and performance ratios. The cable used in the HIGHWAY-1 has been chosen for its high performance, quality construction and safety attributes. It is designed to perform in demanding electrical installations that require specific attributes. The conductors used are fine stranded copper with @ 1.5mm sq and are tested up to 4000v. Insulation is special PVC and the outer sheath is flame retardant composite PVC. The plugs and sockets used are properly certified connectors from established manufacturers with reputable origins.

Both the FREEWAY-1 and HIGHWAY-100 undergo a comprehensive test procedure for safety and final inspection certificates are supplied with each cable. The tests carried out include;
Visual Inspection
Fuse Check
Wiring Test

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