Halo 2 Power Cable

Halo 2 Power Cable
Derived from our flagship Infinite 2 power cable, Halo 2 includes our 'distributed gauge' technology for optimal bandwidth and reduced distortion. The 10 variable gauge 4N solid silver conductors include two 'multicore' conductors for the most natural tonal balance. This gives the equivalent of 12 AWG (3.3mm²) per conductor. These conductors are then insulated in super air-spaced PTFE Teflon and wound in a helical array geometry, with resonance filter technology applied. Terminations include our own gold over copper IEC range & MS HD gold series UK connectors. Halo 2 offers deep bass extension, sparkling high frequencies and superb vocal clarity. Also available terminated with a C19 type 16/20a IEC connector for suitable components.
CONDUCTORS: 2 x 16 AWG Pure Silver (4N) solid-core
2 x 20 AWG Pure Silver (4N) solid-core
2 x 21/3 AWG Pure Silver (4N) multicore
Silver-plated OFC (7N) - ground
GAUGE: 2 x 12 AWG equivalent, 1 x 16 AWG ground
INSULATION: PTFE Teflon, super air-spaced
CONSTRUCTION: Helical array, Distributed gauge
DAMPING: 1 x resonance filter
TERMINATIONS: Dynamique gold over copper IEC, US,
MS HD (Gold) 13A UK

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