Xavian : XN Carisma

Technical Information

Bass frequency unit: 180 mm Scan-Speak, paper membrane with carbon fibers, 42 mm voice coil, SD1 low – distortion “motor”
Mid-bass frequency unit: 180 mm custom Scan-Speak, made to Xavian specification, paper membrane with carbon fibers, 42 mm voice coil, SD1 low distortion “motor”
High frequency unit: selected Scan-Speak Ring Radiator – 26 mm voice coil, copper shortcircuiting ring, double magnet, enlarged working chamber
System type: 2.5 ways damped bass-reflex, massive rear aluminium ports
Cabinet: 22 mm MDF hand-crafted, bituminous damping
Frequency response: ( -3 dB on reference axis ): 38 – 30000 Hz
Connection: 1 pair of singly mounted XAVIAN binding posts
Nominal impedance: 4 ohms
Crossover frequency: 250 / 2600 Hz
Sensitivity ( 2,83V / 1m ): 89 dB
Recommended power amplification: 30 – 200 W
Dimensions (HxWxD) : 925 x 196 x 370 mm
Net weight (1 unit) : 26 kg


Enjoy effortless dynamics and music with exceptional vitality

XN Carisma is a compact floor standing 2.5-way speaker. In close collaboration with the prestigious Danish Scan-Speak company, Xavian has developed a unique custom made mid-woofer; 18W/Xavian, one of the best on the market. The carefull matching of another Scan-Speak mid-bass unit and a well known Ring Radiator creates a coherent, harmonic instrument for listening to music.

We are proud that the XN Carisma is completely developed and hand-made in the Czech Republic.

Year 2012 – Review 1