Manley : Manley 250 Watt Monoblock

Features and Specifications

Manley 250 Watt Monoblock:

ALL-TUBE monoblock design: uses 10 x EL34JJ output tubes
Driver Stage: High current double 12BH7EH (x2) Electro-Harmonix Russian
Input Tube: 12AT7EH large plate Electro-Harmonix Russian
BALANCED & UNBALANCED inputs: RCA and XLR jacks (switchable)
MUTE switch: on front panel
TRIODE / TETRODE switching: on front panel
SOFT-START turn on mode: minimizes in-rush current by first powering up amplifier to half voltages
EVER-WARM mode: for standby keeps tubes warmed up at half voltages
MANLEY Precision Output Transformer: designed and wound at Manley Labs
Front panel bias measurement and adjust: Concealed under the black oval insert
Output Tube Standing Current: 27.5mA
Set Bias for: 275mVDC measured across each bias tip jack to ground
Large filter / reservoir capacitors: 3800uF x 2
Angled rear of chassis: provides for easy connections
WBT binding posts: CE compliant for European models
Input Sensitivity RCA: Triode = 1.637 V, Tetrode = 1.837 V for full power
Input Sensitivity XLR: Triode = 3.2 V, Tetrode = 3.6 V for full power
Input Sensitivity Triode: 174mV for 1 watt into 8 Ohms
Input Sensitivity Tetrode: 146mV for 1 watt into 8 Ohms
Gain Triode: 30dB
Gain Tetrode: 32dB
Input Impedance RCA: 116 kOhm @ 1KHz
Input Impedance XLR: 270 kOhm @ 1KHz; 20 kOhms @ 20KHz; 38 kOhm @ 20Hz
Actual Output Impedance Triode: 0.538 Ohm
Actual Output Impedance Tetrode: 0.465 Ohm
Optimum Speaker Load: 5 Ohms
Damping Factor Triode: 14.8
Damping Factor Tetrode: 17.2
S/N Ratio Ref 1W into 8 Ohms: -80 dB; -90dB A-WGT
Dynamic Range: 93dB
FLAT frequency response: 10 Hz – 30 KHz continuous
Full Power Tetrode: 250W @ 1.5% THD into 5 Ohms
Full Power Triode: 100W @ 1.5% THD into 5 Ohms
Power Consumption: 30 Watts in “EVER-WARM” mode
Maximum Power Consumption: 815 Watts at full power
Operating Mains Voltage: Factory set for 100V, 120V or 220-240VAC operation for original destination country’s mains voltage.
Operating Mains Voltage: changeable with power transformer re-wiring and fuse value change.
Mains Voltage Frequency:
Mains Fuse 100-120VAC operation: MDA 10 Amp SLO-BLO Ceramic Time-Delay fuse
Mains Fuse 220-240VAC operation: MDA 8 Amp SLO-BLO Ceramic Time-Delay fuse
B+ Fuse: MDA 1 1/2A SLO-BLO Ceramic Time-Delay fuse
Badge Illumination: Units produced before 4/2003 use 8V, 0.3A “Fuse-Lamp” 1/4″ X 1 1/4″ – Serial numbers after N250188 use LED illumination which probably won’t burn out
Power Cord: Detachable IEC standard. Appropriate power cord supplied for destination country
Dimensions: W=19″ x D=13″ x H=9″
Shipping Weight: 73 Lbs. each