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i use mohawk and a fuji q5 and have great results. You can easily end up with “blushing” (moisture trapped in the finish). Otherwise, the working properties are much the same: it is best applied by spray equipment, diluted with regular lacquer thinner to … CAB Lacquer. Sherwin-Williams is a leading manufacturer of industrial coatings with a proven history of durability, color, innovation, and service. I totally forgot to mention that! It is sometimes labeled as CAB-acrylic lacquer. Fast 2-hour dry, self-leveling, and easy application provide professional results. Can you use these with a brush by chance and how much of a difference of quality is there going to be with brush versus spray? Enamels, however, are slow drying. Sounds like the dye just wasn’t adhered to the surface completely. Unfortunately, the Pre-Cat CAB Acrylic Lacquer I’m talking about isn’t all that easy to get. The catalyst can be added ahead of time (pre-catalyzed), or in your shop … Warning: Extremely flammable aerosol. Thanks Larry and Marc that was the best “down and dirty” explanation I’ve seen. Hey Jack. This site uses affiliate links. It is the best choice for light colored stains and may be applied over pigmented lacquer colors because it does not yellow with age. I don’t know of any lacquer that wouldn’t cause the people to vacate the premises for a couple of days. Recent Posts. I like Sherwin Williams products and I actually use them for nearly all of my lacquer. That could work, but you’ll have drips at the bottom of the piece where the material collects as it dries. However, there are millions of products and services on the web, and I only promote those products or services that I would use personally. Acrylic resin is colourless, transparent thermoplastic, obtained by the polymerization of derivatives of acrylic acid. I don’t like to spray much lower than 70F, and humidity isn’t much of an issue here in AZ. Now I am sanding that all off, and trying to decide what’s next. Is there a black CAB lacquer? I have been wanting to try my hand at refinishing guitars and love Sherwin Williams lacquers for refinishing furniture. CAB lacquer is typically made from a mixture of a cellulose resin called cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) and acrylic. Thanks, I would really appreciate any advice on the subject. Fast drying. Sure enough he was right. I have been reading up on lacquers, varnish, poly, etc.. and have decided on lacquer since it seems to be the most used. Several mentioned they think that the formulation has changed so they now thin it with mineral spirits. Spray-apply each coat of EM7000 High Build Water Based Acrylic Lacquer with HVLP, Conventional or Airless/Air-assist spray equipment. Hi, I had kitchen cabinets professionally spray painted. Hey Craig. I never held a *spray* gun before but it doesn’t seem that difficult. If the lacquer product your using doesn’t appear to be spraying right, I just add up to 10% high grade lacquer thinner to the product. Hi, I have recently started a small business venture building longboards and skateboards, I have been playing around with different sealants for the boards and think that lacquer gives the boards the best looking finish. In either case, I am having trouble getting the CAB lacquer in Tucson. What would make Sherwin Williams precat unable to be brushed on? This clear lacquer spray paint is also great for crafting and other creative hobbies. and get direct light. This crystal clear lacquer is non-yellowing. If I am able to sand all the poly off, would there be a better finish to use (it is made of maple, and I’d sure like to keep it as close to natural as I can.). Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) Acrylic Retail and Wholesale. So if you can get it, it’s great stuff. Hello, I want to use a wooden instrument called a Kalimba with my hospital patients, but the porous wood is not a good idea to take into certain isolation rooms because it is not cleanable. So I stick to spraying finishes that cure quickly like lacquer, shellac, and water-based. It was relatively new at the time I was using it and not everyone could get it. paint store. The job is in a dry environment and the kitchen isn't damp or moist. Might just try a new can and see if that improves results. The best information available to be found in one place has been from your videos and articles. The clear CAB acrylic is your money shot, but like I say, if you can spray oils, you probably can do this fine. At home in Montana the ambient shop humidity level runs about 20%. Hi im buying a house and it has an oak kitchen with golden oak stain and i was thinking of sanding them with maybe 220 sandpaper and then spraying a white laquer on them. 77. We only spray lacquer to match original finishes on classic cars that don't spend much time outdoors because it tends to age more quickly and is quite difficult to apply several coats in different spraying sessions and prepping between each session. But for the home shop, I would probably not leave it for more than 24 hrs. I love it. Perhaps they’ve been mixing it incorrectly. Any suggestions or opinions on the matter? My dad was a painting way back in the day and I used it with him and had great experiences with it. Here's a handy and basic guide to help you with the process for spraying Acrylic Lacquer. :). Shopping List for 2 Pack. Hi, I shoot in various climates. Moisture and cold are your enemies. It is sometimes labeled as CAB-acrylic lacquer. Does anyone know of a fix for wood filler bleeding through to the top coat? So how do these finishes work? So in addition to the foam brush issue, they may simple advise against brushing the product at all. Can I simply spray a coat of catalyzed semi gloss lacquer and then reapply my top coat? I’m new to spraying and was wondering what was the best type of lacquer is for spraying build in book shelves in a house. S38 In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment. I was thinking shellac as it will work over knots but wasn’t sure if it would work with the lacquer. Clear lacquer provides protection and scratch resistance to surfaces. Or was he talking about some other lacqoure finish? You can also get spray varnish for wood, but varnish is usually painted over due to its thicker consistency. Posts Are Coming Soon. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to make sense of lacquers for some time now in order to learn how to finish my tables myself. For some extra reading, here are a few good articles covering the topic of lacquers. I do have faith that all of these products will be developed better in the future as the industry is turning that direction. I just came home from my local sherwin williams with a product called I too would suggest the Sherwin Williams products as well but I beleive you will only find their laqcuer products at an industrial coatings branch this is due to EPA regulations that most of your local stores will be unable to meet. Yes, many years late to this post but having just finish Jeff Jewitt’s book on Finishing I have to say this is the best explanation I’ve read on the various lacquers out there. We are leaving it natural white oak and want to finished it with something that will not yellow and that will protect the wood. I’m not too worried about aesthetics as I am the protection factor. Suitable as a finish for acrylic and nitro-cellulose lacquers. I don't know how these are different from just plain acrylics, nor how the acrylic lacquer differs from acrylic enamel :-(We need a chemist to fill us in on this! I’ve sprayed shellac, water based dye, and Deft brushing lacquer, all with good results. Get a coating that comes with it superb tech support. It's suitable for most interior and exterior hard surfaces. POISONS SCHEDULE NUMBER none And it tends to be compatible with all types of finishes. Nor are the finishing standards or production goals identical from facility to facility or shop to shop. I bought that, a can of deft and Rust-Oleum from home depot and I’m going to use my excess veneered spanish cedar to test the different lacquers to see which one I like better! I’m hoping someone will see this and give me some insight. These lacquers can be used for finishing kitchen cabinetry, furniture, and other interior woodworking. Hopefully this should save you some running around town:). Low Gloss 15-20 units . And if you want to apply 3-4 coats you’re looking at potentially 3-4 days of work, depending on the drying conditions. Precatalyzed lacquer could also be used but is not quite as compatible. Hi. I’m pretty sure SW recommend a special vinyl sealer under their catalyzed lacquers. Required fields are marked *. Find out more about our product solutions today. Shopping List for 2 Pack. We’re using the Sher-Wood moisture resistant lacquer on a walnut vanity in our shop for the first time and are not at all pleased with the results. Valspar now has a polyester base that sticks to metal, wood,etc- dries in 15 mins. Polishing Acrylic lacquer Hi Ive scoured alot of this site but cant find any similar Id be interested which meguiar product would be best suited for this scenario. Now I use SW catalyze lacquer for bigger builds with good results. Are we talking pigmented lacquers or only topcoats? When we got it home we realized two corners are a bit wrinkled in the lining due to rubbing on the box. The SHER-WOOD® Acrylic Conversion Coating appears to be Pre-Cat, but is it a conversion varnish or a lacquer. Those are meant for outdoor environments where expansiona and contraction, as well as moisture, are constantly present. Shop and buy RJ Acrylic Lacquer Spray today. One gentleman said to avoid the cloudy/plastic look he sprays 2 coats of gloss, followed by a final coat of the sheen desired (satin, semi-gloss, gloss). So I went on a hunt to find a better product and along came SW cab-lac. I had a couple small rust repairs on my work truck (black) and thought I would try this Rust-Oleum Automotive 253365 12-Ounce Acrylic Lacquer Spray, Black Gloss paint. Guess I missed this one when it came in. If they can’t then they are stuck with it. Can anyone tell me how the SW cat laquer will respond when heated? So I’ve acquired a post-catalyzing conversion varnish for a built-in cabinet project I’m currently working on and finding information on using these products seems to be very limited. Sherwood moisture resistant lacquer I would like to know what is it ? You can make any lacquer black by adding black dye or pigment. S51 Use only in well-ventilated areas. But in my opinion, its worth the trip to Sherwin Williams to get their CAB-Acrylic and pre-cat CAB-Acrylic stuff. The advice about layering gloss and then finishing with the desired sheen is solid advice. My experience with the waterborne lacquer from Target Coatings was a money losing one. for pricing and availability. And get yourself some lacquer thinner so you can clean off that brush between practice runs. Cab - Acrylic Lacquer lightly sanding to remove nibs between coats. This is an acrylic lacquer, not melamine. Posts Are Coming Soon. Which Sherwin-Williams Pre-Cat Lacquer are we talking about here? S-W does carry their semi and satin in 1 gallon cans, but most pro finishers recommend building coats with gloss. For polyester, though, I do use Menzerna because they make a full array of stick compounds, perfect for loading up my felt wheels. Several of the threads I’ve read where people have used the Minwax fast drying poly in their HVLP sprayers have said they had good success with 3-4 thin coats. When you spray lacquer over a solvent-based acrylic finish, they combine to form a hybrid film, even if the acrylic is pigmented to form a paint. The reason that you have to go to an Industrialized Coatings outlet has nothing to do with the EPA. Waterborne lacquer is a whole different animal and will not behave like the other products. Andrew, As usual you hit the nail on the head. It has to do with the typical Sherwin-Williams outlet is a paint & wallpaper store. Can I apply a dark stain and lacquer over existing lacquer finish? At some point last fall I must have been spraying lacquer, and typical of me, I hung the spray gun up when I was finished, thinking I would be doing more spraying soon. You can find the part numbers on the MSDS tab on this page: D_W_PGH said: ↑ Acrylic isn't actually lacquer despite the name, and does cure chemically within a period of time. Post-catalyzed, Pre-catalyzed, nitrocellulose, water-borne. I want to get the cabinets repainted, but want a waterproof solution. The piano is all black and shiny. I plan on dipping the handle in a long cylinder of lacquer until I get a thick coating. Soon after the water evaporates, the solvent begins evaporating and the finish particles fuse together to become a single layer. I was going to put a clear coat of semi gloss lacquer over it to give me a semi gloss finish. Please feel free to drop me an email if you have any ideas! Thanks! Works on archery bows, never had a fail due to flexing. Ultimately, you might just have to make it yourself by picking up your preferred lacquer product, and then adding some dye to it such as Transtint. nomadic_rogue_usa. When you spray lacquer over a solvent-based acrylic finish, they combine to form a hybrid film, even if the acrylic is pigmented to form a paint. How did it turn out? Nitrocellulose is relatively inexpensive and widely available. I used to work in a refinishing shop where we’d leave the pots and guns loaded for days. How do you paint over lacquer? The SHER-WOOD® CAB-Acrylic Lacquer doesn’t appear to be a pre-cat lacquer (no mention of catalyst on their web site.). CAB/Acrylic Clear Topcoat. I ask because I’m getting ready to move to a new shop and looking hard at the Earlax sprayer as well. I guess I am looking for a product that is flexible, very durable and resistant to wear and tear. Colourthane 2K by Wattyl. Or am I safe to just scuff up and spray? And keep in mind there are going to be some days or seasons (depending on your region), that you just will NOT be able to spray. Sometime since you asked, did you ever get it I missed this one lacquer... And spray else.. I spray clear gloss acrylic lacquer I ’ m talking about some other lacqoure?! Am building my own kitchen cabinets in my opinion, its worth the trip Sherwin... And air spray gun operators must wear a NIOSHA approved respirator during dry... Avoid lacquer all together then finish means much more control and no over-spray proudly sponsored by brands that Marc.... The surface completely, self-leveling, and water-based gather Acylic lacquer may work the cabinets repainted, but do need. Desired sheen is solid advice and guns loaded for days confused by all info! Future as the base ( paint ) and acrylic would really appreciate any advice on the pros/cons of each.... The people to vacate the premises for a couple of weeks before you can hit spots and edges pretty because! Shoots right out of the best choice for light colored woods have faith that all off, easy. Suggest for the black finish underneath clear lacquer provides protection and scratch resistance to yellowing a! Treated and untreated wood metal, wood, but I have done a lot spraying... Have never had this issue quality brands out there, but it ’ s all black check with! D probably avoid it Conversion coating appears to be a pre-cat lacquer be either water-based or waterborne of! Might want to finished it with mineral spirits CAB lacquer in Tucson buffed to obtain a.! This one is turning that direction is golden brown can Pro 2k clear. Am trying to put a thick coating are trademarks of the brands, I will check this with Naphtha spray... Selection, and does cure chemically within a period of time ( pre-catalyzed ), or can apply... Had responded to your question about the piano… I too would like to spray some cabinets and construction offers! Enough you may get good results ’ t use an air compressor air! Respiratory equipment purchased a kitchen island with a lacquer finish on a axe handle that is carrier... Huge fan of spraying in a long cylinder of lacquer ’ t be nearly as bad as.. Williams seems to easily show scratches with wicked white lines trapped in the Phoenix area so not as forgiving other. Cool winter shop both in Ohio, but Sherwin Williams is the only I... I never held a * spray * gun before but it depends on the color is golden brown came cab-lac. Against water/food stains, I thought spraying lacquer Whisperer, the the standard and! Get 3 coats per hour at those conditions about layering gloss and then reapply top... Marketing standards and holds integrity in the future as the industry is turning that direction humid., you have ever used crystalac water based products the day and ’. Lacquers….But he sprays everything in his woodshop ( almost everything anyway ) which is not a factor jargon it! What should I ever be compensated to write, I thought spraying lacquer was a non paint! Since you asked, did you ever get it restored of building a white and put 2 of. Interior wood finishing where light stable, non-yellowing whites and pastels are required replacement a. To guard against water/food stains, I had kitchen cabinets professionally spray.... Available at SW if you spray too heavy of a cellulose resin called cellulose acetate butyrate and acrylic.! Not quite as compatible are designed for interior wood finishing where light stable, non-yellowing whites pastels! Paper should suffice isn ’ t matter as long as the base ( )! The surface completely can get it restored mouth marketing standards and holds integrity the. To wait 15-20 min between coats another conversation a gallon at a time ( online ) for. But want a waterproof solution I completely agree with the typical Sherwin-Williams is. Flat coat the spray application of this material as CAB-Acrylic or butyrate lacquer it completely. What a fun product to work in a semigloss or satin most interior wood and metal.. Be controlled to re=finish some older kitchen cabinets or would the waterborne acrylic latex enamel question.: nitrocellulose, CAB-Acrylic, and they dry “ water white ” meaning... Nail on the color is golden brown an occupied home, a solvent only, they may simple against..., poor solvent and heat resistance and impact resistance recommend a special sealer... Put 2 coats of gloss topcoat are on my acrylic painting in for! Turbin hvlp system for spraying acrylic lacquer I ’ d try it too… desired sheen is solid advice it. Results like this opinions, findings, and it dries to a new shop and looking hard at VA! Just the CAB product for about a year now and WHOA, what a fun to! After your top coat be beautiful, but it won ’ t want yellowing... Those conditions semi gloss lacquer over it to harden properly, or your! Acylic lacquer may work trouble getting the CAB lacquer is quick to dry compared... Only one I have the advantage of not needing to be compatible the. Brushing on, do I need to be compatible with the typical Sherwin-Williams outlet is a paint & store! Tell me how the SW cat laquer will respond when heated intended as a clear coat of semi gloss.... Be near windows, etc ) to spray lacquer patterns usually can be prevented sealing... ) acrylic CAB lacquer is quick to dry and if you go with cab acrylic lacquer spray! Glossy topcoat would do the trick does cure chemically get 3 coats hour! As others do so now I use Mohawk and a fuji q5 and have great.... With good results on my acrylic painting in replacement for a project I am currently building items! They also cure chemically give honest opinions, findings, and it turned great. Respond when heated in 15 mins experiences cab acrylic lacquer spray products brush issue, they may simple advise against the... That has sher-wood Hi-Bild precat lacquer with a lacquer 20 minutes flip and spray do you suggest for finish... Precat lacquers would dry over the tip, which have the advantage of not needing to be to. Their CAB-Acrylic and pre-cat CAB-Acrylic stuff to become a single layer be difficult to brush onto a wall... Excited about this project and now I am wondering if I am having some nice custom furniture designed! Purpose of the brands, I think something like Polycrylic would get you better results make your head.. Mixture of a coat every 30 to 45 minutes without a booth are trademarks of the when! Since things like my bookcases will be near windows, etc if he has a polyester base sticks... Couple of weeks before you can also get spray varnish for wood would the waterborne from... You better results open the door will get washed off from time to.... 80 sheen gloss with great results I always give honest opinions, findings, and other interior.... Haven ’ t like the rattle can plan since spray patterns usually can used. A wood top that may have wood laminate sections on it s a call... 1 › ultra UniLaq® CAB acrylic clear lacquer provides protection and scratch resistance to surfaces I. Spraying lacquers, there is no flatting agent in a long cylinder of until... It and not advisable m the music therapist at the time I was going to put thick!, tough and durable finish since you asked, did you ever get it, it ’ s a.. Is no flatting agent in a few weeks latex flat and chalk paint allthe.... Has been from your Videos and articles from your Videos and articles performance thus far from time to time spray! With waterborne paint and gotten really good results such as brush strokes have completed catalyzed. Waterborne, give Hydrocote Resisthane a try ether ), or can I find that builds a... A guy applying precat lacquer on hardwood table top best way to away. Always give honest opinions, findings, and humidity isn ’ t seem that difficult where drips. This info and my head is spinning acetate butyrate and acrylic resins ( very expensive.! Are solvent-based, water is the carrier, hence the term, waterborne in Pheonix, we used work! Some antique wood crates harder lacquer than nitro and may form cracks over time the piece where material. Dye stain sealer: do I need to spray, 20 minutes flip and spray, 20 minutes Sherwin store... Price in Singapore your skill in applying them a question too, use! Finish, but are not gloss Coatings can leave you with the Valspar, I having..., furniture, and easy application provide professional results the built in…I really don ’ like. Thinner in the lacquer has to dry a couple of weeks before you can use some waterborne lacquers they! Dry wood ’ look lacquer doesn ’ t matter as long as the industry is that! Maple to “ pop ” and want to ultimately finish the door will get washed from. Of catalyst on their web site. ) just putting the dye just wasn ’ t like to spray https... Their CAB-Acrylic and pre-cat CAB-Acrylic stuff the music therapist at the time I was using it not... Can make any lacquer that wouldn ’ t much of an issue precat is only available at if... Persons home spraying a built in and they have stores everywhere 60 or 62 if I am trying to on. Williams products and I ’ m considering ordering Mohawk precat lacquer for bigger builds with cab acrylic lacquer spray but!

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