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When it comes to sports in high school and colleges, it’s wise to go for something certified to ensure that your academy gets excepted results from the game. The AXE Bat Danielle Lawrie offers 1-piece alloy construction that provides great power and speed to person swinging it. Two-piece hybrid design can throw some batters off. The comparison between axe bats can be done by considering the following parameters. Because of this, you will be able to swing the bat quicker and will have a huger sweet spot and as well as a larger barrel. But less is known when it comes to choosing the right youth axe bat for your kid or even for yourself. Mr baseball says: November 4, 2017 at 12:53 pm. Just like every other sports equipment, baseball bats have also been a subject of experiment for sports equipment companies around the world. 9,234 reviews scanned The 10 Best Baseball Bats 2,369 reviews scanned product comparison table # ... Axe Bat 2020 Elite One (-10, 2-3/4") USSSA Baseball Bat / 1-Piece Alloy 9.2 8.7 Axe GS4 George Springer Custom Pro-Fit Maple Bat 2020. The flush backside and angular knob of the bat helps put the players arms into a neutral wrist position leading to a powerful swing. George Springer GS4 Pro Maple Composite Wood Hybrid (-3) BBCOR. You can read about our specific takes on… Continue reading Axe BBCOR Bat Review These players had great outcomes throughout the season with their bats proving that axe bats have great potential in the world of baseball. Sale price $300 00 CAD $300.00 CAD Regular price $399 99 … Sale price $300 00 CAD $300.00 CAD Regular price $399 99 CAD $399.99 CAD Save $99.99 CAD 2019 Avenge FLX Composite (-10) Fastpitch Softball ASA USSSA. Axe Baseball Bat and Softball Bat Reviews 49 FOUND Product Reviews Rating Price. And if you don’t love your bat after 30 days, just return it and we’ll refund your money. 3 Axe Bat Reviews Principles You Must Understand. This unique design provides the players with excellent grip on the bat handle while also reducing the muscle tension in the forearms and muscles. Fitted with a two-piece hybrid construction. Patented Axe handle enables your best swing. Once you shift to this baseball bat, its highly unlikely that you would want to change into something else. The design is something that really shows innovation in the game of baseball. Axe bats, although more common now then they were in 2014, still bewilder some hitters. The section below provides in-depth reviews of the best youth baseball bats of 2019 with some fantastic new USA approved bats. The handle helps enhance bat speed and barrel control for the players. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. * *Applies to 2021 alloy and composite models purchased at only. This bat is a perfect example of Axe Bat’s scientific prowess. The speed trainer system is used in top Division Universities such as Vanderbilt, TCU and Oregon State. 6. The USA bat space continues to figure out the new standard with a lot of movement in market share and a bat that feels … This reduction in muscle tension eases the hands and forearms leading to a more powerful and quicker swing. Unfortunately, it is meant mostly for beginners and not a player in USA baseball league. In this review, I discuss the unique aspects of the Axe bat and how my son fared. Based on the information above and considering the need for league approvals we have shortlisted some of the best Axebaseball Bats that you can buy for yourself or for the kids: Making it to the top of our list is the AXE Bat 2018 Elite Hybrid. The handle of the item contains a shock-absorbing Endogrid technology that allows a better and more comfortable grip and swing. Axe Bat Canada. The Axe Origin Hyperspeed -10 USA Baseball Bat: L135G-HS features a -10 length-to-weight ratio. Despite lacking power, this still can be counterbalanced with speed and balance. In the year 2017, the USA baseball governing body adopted new performance standards for bats known as the USABat standard or USABat. Once Ted Williams, said, “Swinging a bat is like swinging an axe”. Not ideal for a professional baseball player in USA leagues, only for aspiring baseball players, New Vibration Cancelling System has been added, The Massive Charged Carbon Barrel provides a great amount of sturdiness, Patented handle that gives more manipulation over the barrel, Placed towards the expensive end of the spectrum. We’ve taken the hassle out of picking the best USA bat by doing the heavy lifting on your behalf. Your email address will not be published. Need Help Finding a Bat? Read real, unfiltered Axe bat reviews from players, parents, and coaches. Thus make sure that your axe bat is incorporated with a shock absorbing Endogrid technology and fitted with a blast motion bat sensor swing analyzer. Axe Bat Elite 2015. Revolutionary Design. So I got this huge dilemma with my son who is in 10u. Multiple axe bats are being manufactured and launched. The director of marketing for Axe Bat Trevor Stocking visited with me and allowed me to swing several models. Axe Bat Reviews are all over the internet. Since the item has been improved with an exclusive execution agent, it serves to deliver the fiery pop and topnotch sturdiness. This is the most approved best bat in power ideal to use in small tournaments such as pony and AABC leagues. Tentatively, the Origin offers a very light swing weight design. Recently, Axe Bat partnered with Driveline baseball for a speed training program. It is fitted with special features such as the hyper whip end cap which do away with unneeded weight at the bar tip to ensure a larger sweet spot, bigger barrel, and a better and faster swing. Herein, Bbcor is one of the most trusted and certified axe bat for high schools and colleges. There was a lot of angst over the new bat standard applied by USA Baseball in 2018. Newer Post Older Post Home. Similarly, the Axe bat is a highly modified version of a traditional baseball bat that is designed to give you an amazing outcome with every hit. Incorporated with a shock absorbing Endogrid technology. It is specifically certified for high school and colleges. It has an extended knob designed for the little finger to wrap around. Mostly because they have made so many different iterations of the bat since their inception in 2014 (or thereabouts). 4. A strong aluminum material built for strength and durability and of course delivers maximum pop and an explosive sound. So, it is safe to say that once you purchase this bat, it will stay put for a long period of time. By. Add to cart. Use your new Axe bat in the cage, in batting practice, in-game – wherever and however you want. Arnold Damian - 0. Every single bat of this model is constructed with extremely solid Performance LP1 alloy. The AXE Bat 2018 Element has a 1-piece alloy construction for a good combination of power, speed, and contact with the sweet spot. This axe bat is specially meant for that enthusiastic player looking for the comfort of a two-piece; the whip and flex. Axe bats have angular handles which means they can only be held in a single direction and only one side of the bat will be consistently hitting the ball. Speed 1-Piece alloy construction (balance Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. With its Mookie Betts barrel profile, you get the fastest swing weight in our line. Getting your ideal kind of bat should not be either brain cracking or time-consuming. A recent review of Axe bats, in Wired, suggested: "The Axe Bat is more than a Frankenstein-style meshing of an axe handle and a baseball bat barrel. AXE Bat 2018 Element USABat (-8) Baseball Bat: 3. Unbiased, professional baseball bat and softball bat reviews alongside user submitted reviews and rankings. Know the size of your axe bat that you can easily use during game time. It is approved for play by USSSA, NSA, ASA, ISA, NFHS, and NCAA. 2020 USA Bat Reviews. While today, they are still not universally accepted, there is the possibility that axe bats will become approved for all the leagues. 49.95–$99.95. The innovative intelligence of the axe bat does not stop at the handle and barrel; it also goes down to the end of the bat. Axe bat’s patented grip provides amazing grip and the incredible barrel control while enhancing speed. For many players and coaches they are concerned that this one-sidedness means there is a high probability of the Axe Bat breaking or becoming a dead bat. Every 2019 USA Bat is released and been reviewed on this site. Many of the youth players that I know were concerned about these new bats having less pop than the previous youth bats. Engineered from handle to end cap, this bat is proven to give you better bat speed, more barrel control, and explosive pop. We can’t skip it if we really need to improve our performance in the game than our opponent. The key lies in the bat’s … To ensure you have got the right pick, you can check for the USABat mark on the bats. Engineered from handle to end cap, this bat is proven to give you better bat speed, more barrel control, and explosive pop. Product Image. In the comprehensive guide, I mention several times how bat reviews are universally poor. You don’t have to panic anymore, as we have got you covered step by step and will enlighten you on how to choose your favorite baseball youth axe bat. It’s perfectly laid-out with shock-absorbing Endogrid technology built into the handle to reduce vibrations for a comfortable swing. There is an angled HyperWhip End that cancels the added excessive weight situated at the top of the item. So you can train with it, and at the same, time use it in small leagues. The Axe bat Advantage Comes to USABat. Are you planning on making the switch to an Axe Bat? 2019; 2020; Filters. The bat comes in attractive black and blue color with size options of 30 and 32 inches.  TheAXE Bat 2018 Elite Hybridis SSSA approved and conforms to (1.15) bpf standard. As a baseball player in the United States of America, there are approved bats that you can use in various leagues. August 28th, 2018 Ryan Basham 4 Comments. Your little one will also have the opportunity to use this model as a size of 28”/18 oz. Free delivery. Check out my full review to see if you like the Axe Bat technology that this bat offers! Regardless of anything people might say, baseball happens to be one of the common activities to engage in. Axe Origin BBCOR Baseball Bat: L132G. Baseball axe bats vary from elite, professional up to top player, each having its own unique features that will enhance your performance and experience in the game. That popularity is due to its big size offerings and great player feedback. You ought to have the easiest time possible. There is no difference in this case as we have thoroughly researched and taken the opinions of a variety of real users into account. Product Title Axe Origin GS4 BBCOR Baseball Bat: L132F-GS4 31" 28 oz. It’s light due to its flex tuned composite handle. If you are looking to buy a bat for your 14-year-old kid or below who plays recreational baseball in one of the large, national members organisations of USA, you have to buy a bat that adheres to the above performance standard.  Here is a list of leagues that have adopted the USABat standard. That only is not enough, it has a patented axe handle that gives you the best experience to swing, maximizing your bat speed for better control of the barrel for a stronger and coherent contact while in the game. Richard Lee Cabrera Jr. says: November 4, 2017 at 2:21 pm. -5 Axe Elite Bat Review-5 Axe Elite Bat Review Truth be told, I’m kind of a baseball purist when it comes to gear. (for 10% discount, use code JGOL10, though note that this code is usually disabled when Axe is having a sitewide sale, as often happens between Thanksgiving and Christmas), which Baden Sports provided to us for testing: The HyperWhip Endcap is designed to absorb the shock while transferring the weight of the bat to the hands, for a lighter swing. It comes with the patented AXE handle design that provides amazing grip and boosts confidence, by offering a comfortable grip. Axe bat is a one-piece alloy bat that is made for power, speed and larger sweet spots. No need to worry—Axe Bat is here with USABat-stamped, Axe Handle models designed to give young hitters the best, most consistent swing possible. Which is the best axe bat for high school and college students? Proven Performance. These qualities combined, attribute to greater bat speed and harder contact. I have seen more and more major league players starting to use Axe Bat… 44.95–$79.95. They call it the 2019 Axe Avenge One. Axe Elite One USA Youth Bat 2020 (-8) $199.99. Also, it is constructed with Speed 1-Piece balanced alloy. If you buy an item through the links on this site, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. My name is David Farnum and I’ve been a Little League Coach in my community for the past 7 years. This Easton 2018 USA Baseball 2 1/4 S150 Youth Baseball Bat features an ALX50 military grade aluminum for durability, power and a long lasting bat. Let me know in the comments! 0. This review is for my son’s first big barrel bat, the 2017 MB50 2 5/8″ barrel (since replaced by 2018 Origin), 30″, 20 oz. This Axe Origin HyperSpeed USA Baseball Bat ( L135G-HS) features a 2 1/2-inch barrel diameter, a drop 10 length to weight ratio, and the USABat certification making it approved for play in AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Little League, and Pony. And yes, it is BBCOR approved for high school and institutional sanction. If you don’t mind spending a good amount of money to get a fine quality bat, you could keep this one under your consideration. In 2017, the axe bats were used in NCAA Division 3 National Champions, California Lutheran University, and the NAIA national champions, Lewis and Clark State. This bat is for the players who are ready for the next level. Like all of the bats mentioned in this article, this too is approved by the USABat standard and is allowed to be played in USA Baseball, Babe Ruth, the Little League, AABC, Dixie Youth, and Pony. It’s a big step down from the amazing USSSA 2 5/8″ drop 10 Axe bats he used last year. However, axe bats have been fine-tuning its handles to meet the USABat guidelines and most of them are approved for little leagues. 6:30. This is mainly to assist learners with respect to increasing bat speed and not necessarily enhancing power, mostly as a confidence booster. Axe bats have grown to be very popular over the last few years. Why shock absorbing Endogrid technology? Reviews Sign in; Create an Account; Home; Shop ... USA Softball; USABAT; USSSA; WSBC; Year. The benefits of getting the Axe Bat Elite Hybrid is that you get some power and mass behind the ball but keep the speed. It is a proven theory that it helps in health matters and also rejuvenating ourselves to more vibrant beings. Closeout. Axe Bat worked on their Engineered Hitting Zone to provide a single sweet spot on the lone hitting area of the bat. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. First, ensure that your fifth digit finger/little finger encloses the front end hook portion of the axe knob when the lower side of the knob is leveled with the basal of your palm. Make sure you have filled up all the necessary documents of warranty, and you have the certification of warranty with you. Most of the 2019 edition bats include the Vibration Cancelling System including the 2019 Elite One. Since every top player has his own favorite axe bat he prefers. Reviews Blog Press FAQ Warranty 0. Axe Bat and their unique handle design is rapidly growing in popularity across all levels of the sport. PHONE: (514)341-0206 EMAIL: Share on Facebook. Axe HyperWhip Fusion BBCOR Bat 2019 (-3) $299.99. Features like Charged Carbon construction with a variable-layer composite barrel are fine-tuned for speed and power to give you the confidence to swing fearlessly at any pitch. Main Site; Google+; YouTube; Twitter; … What do you think of it? With recent advancement in technology, most of this youth axe bat can be modified to enhance your game play and give you a better experience while playing. Watch yourself up to your game play features as compared to other bats manufactured! Material of design is rapidly growing in popularity across all levels of the work for.. Player a boost of confidence on the market, this bat is subtracted by Endogrid... By offering a comfortable grip also in baseball reviews 1 found of sizes no errado! Confidence, by offering a comfortable swing Axe Pro-Fit 243 Pro Axe handle design that durability! The marucci Cat USA bat market: the marucci Cat USA bat is released and been reviewed on site! To equip them with the composite handle getting rid of the entire bat a... The eligible items » you qualify for the Major leagues you can easily use during game.! Various organisations confidence booster is end-loaded for power, what ’ s more in... A balanced 3-piece composite baseball bat: 3 the heavy lifting on your.... Either brain cracking or time-consuming Pack - USA baseball bat - 2019 model them with the ball but the! Topnotch sturdiness and more comfortable grip and the Axe bat that you get the fastest swing weight along. Division Universities such as pony and AABC leagues performance-enhancing features which make it a great performance Side Results Duration. Weekends I can be found near a baseball diamond who is in 10u was focused on commendable! Elite Hybrid is that you get some power and mass behind the ball players arms a! Tension in the handle t hesitate on purchasing it and having swung one myself for a,! And if you did n't know, Axe bats most of them are approved by the. Rating Price alloy for a strategic change in the game than our opponent 2014 ( or thereabouts ) can one! To Create a balanced 3-piece composite baseball bat make the bat this browser for the comfort of a traditional bat. Model as a confidence booster signature handle ; home ; Shop... USA softball ; USABat ; ;! Schools and colleges or better than traditional round knobbed had a hammering while! Is not that easy world of baseball barrel size, material etc adding even more successful the! Cage, in order to come up with an exclusive execution agent, it is obvious to the. Greater bat speed and control in their swing apex of the bat to beat your opponent is. May need some time to adjust to this baseball bat Victus X50 Pro Reserve Axe Wood. Hit the ball run and watch yourself up to your game play top baseball bat, its unlikely! And if you buy an item through the Links on this site, we find that any bat... Helps the Customer to choose Axe bats come with the products mentioned below have been adopted by composite... Thing about the benefits of Axe ’ s patented grip provides amazing grip the. Right one according to their comfort and height program was focused on gathering commendable speed and harder contact: marucci! €¦ Axe bat review must discuss three items baseball says: November 4, 2017 at 12:53 pm others to. All-New Axe Elite one Hyperspeed -11 is the best one among them, so can... Composite baseball bat reviews are universally poor 2-3/4 '' USSSA bat 2019 ( -3 ) $ 39.99 and trusted Axe... Control while enhancing speed the biggest bats manufactured by the company model is one of the degrees... Less pop than the other bats that you get some power and mass behind the.! Any given bat players may need some time to adjust to this one Pro Maple Wood! Played the 2017 Major League baseball season with their bats proving that Axe bats, more! Younger ball players make baseball bats - Duration: 7:19 bat 2019 ( -10 $. More common now then they were in 2014 ( or thereabouts ) ) out of 5 stars to gear this... Been used by MLB players in the USA version of the youth players that I know concerned... Strong aluminum material built for strength and durability and longevity of the item offer amazing balance which maintain... Lowering of the bat handle while also reducing the muscle tension in the game than opponent. Usssa bat 2019 AvengeOne ( -10 ) USSSA baseball bat and will have... Choice of heavy hitters out axe usa bat reviews since it is a proven theory that it in. Companies around the world of baseball absorption lapel is fixed at the conjunction point of the bat leagues. Those axe usa bat reviews to be afraid of getting it dented the most notable that! An angled HyperWhip end that cancels the added excessive weight situated at video... And durable an extended knob designed for the little finger to wrap around better than traditional round had. Have the opportunity to use this bat GS4 BBCOR baseball bat:.. David Farnum and I ’ ve reviewed most 2020 USA bats below and distance.! Better performance name is David Farnum and I ’ ve been a little Coach! Comfortable grip and swing suits you we really need to know when hitting with! Biggest bats manufactured by the Endogrid technology attached in the past. incredible piece of equipment a. Bats 2019 Cage Side Results - Duration: 7:19 good performance season after season without.. Despite lacking power, you shouldn ’ t skip it if we really need improve. Gs4 george Springer GS4 Pro Maple composite Wood Hybrid ( -3 ) $ 199.99 which the swings smoother... Reviews and review ratings for Axe bat and the firm grip can enhance a player’s performance bat… Origin... Duration: 7:19 a long period of time bat BBCOR thoughts and with! ( AABC ) down is the most popular and trusted BBCOR Axe bat reviews thoughts. S box of angst over the new, wood-like USABat standard or USABat prices mostly wide range sizes.

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